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[ Scripts ]

      Welcome to the scripts page. This will list all the different scripts that I have programmed. Click on the name of a program to go to it's page and learn more about it.

      These scripts were either created by me, or were modified greatly from another person's script. All the scripts that started as someone else's will state that in its info on the site, as well as the info zipped with the program.

      These programs are free for you to download and use on your site. I do not require a link, but I would always appreciate a link on your site. Please feel free to tell people about these scripts on my site if you know that they are searching for a script. and of course, please send me mail if you would like to telling me what you think about the script.

      All my scripts will come packed in a zipfile. You just need to download the zipfile and use an unzipping utility such as WinZip to extract the files. Most zipfiles will contain all of the following: a folder named the same as the script so that your files will stay together so you can work on them on your system, a 'readme' file which will explain to you what the program does and all the ways that you can (or NEED to) configure them the script to work for you, a history file which will tell you about how the program evolved to become what it is, and the actual script file.

The Scripts

Angelquiz (A quiz/trivia Script).

Etheracidebook (A Guestbook Script).

Securitron (A Password Protection Script).

WickedWebEditor (A File Manager Script).

I found a great CGI forum! It is visited by some of the most knowledgable CGI/Perl programmers I have ever talked to! They are very helpful. You can register and post when you have a problem with a script that you are writing and they will help you out where they can. And with the huge base of knowledgable programmers, you should get an accurate solution rather quickly. Click here to check out the forums. Even if you do not have a problem or question now, go ahead and register for when you do. If you have a question about running one of my scripts, please mail me here because I could answer better than they could without you posting the entire script on the message boards =0) And by the way...they did not pay nor force me to place this link here or to say anything about them. I am putting it here because this is an excellent source for help on CGI and I know that I wanted a forum like that when I needed some help. And if I needed any help to perfect one of the scripts that I had written for you on this site, then here is where I received help!

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