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      Angelquizz is an online quiz/trivia creator system. You can create up to 10 questions with up to 4 possible answers each. You then tell the script which answer is correct. Then visitors can visit your trivia and take the quiz. When they fill out all their answers and click the button, They will be told whether their answer was right or wrong for each question. You can customize all the colors and questions/answers from your password protected admin center. More features will be added to this script. This is a beginning point. Check out the demo below.

There are two demos for the first version. The first will not allow you to change the questions. This quiz will be set up by me so you can be certain that the answers will be set up correctly so you can see what happens when the program 'grades' the visitor's quiz attempt. The second version will allow you to change the questions so that you can see what the question editor is like.


Version.1           Date: September 16th 2001
Another Version           Date: September 16th 2001

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