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      The Etheracidebook is a guestbook program which is named after my band because it was for our site that I made this script. This script originated as ACME Guestbook by Dan Chavel. I changed the script completely, but it still uses the same backbone that he created.

      This guestbook script is very easy to configure and run. It will allow users to sign their name, E-mail address or URL, their ICQ number, AOL screen name, and a message. The guestbook will then create a post where the user's name will be either a link to the URL that they left or a mailto: link to the E-mail address that they entered. It will create two links in which you can click to send an ICQ message to that user and/or an AOL instant message to them. Clicking on either link will open a message box automatically set up to be sent to that user. Of course your visitors will have to have the instant messenger services open and connected to their service for these to work. The script will also post the user's comment. There is also a link for users to mail you for help at an E-mail address that you specify in the script itself.

      For speed, options, and ease of configuration for your server, this is a very good script! One thing that I personally love about this program is that as I added more and more features to it and made it more powerful, it became more difficult for me to code, but it remained just as simple for an administrator ("Webmaster") to set up for his own use. Everything that I put into the script made it do a whole lot more, but without any special modifications. What it does in the demos, it will do on your server. You only have to change a few URLs, an E-mail address, text that you want displayed, and some background colors.


Version.1- Do not have a demo up for it any longer.
Version.2           Date: June 28th 2001
Version.3           Date: July 5th 2001

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Version 2- This was an overhaul of the first version. This simplifies a couple things from the first version. This version adds image icons for URL, ICQ, and AOL. This version also doesn't print the icon if the user does not input a value into its field. This will help keep the book clean of a ton of icons with no values.

Version 3- This version allows for thank you E-mails to the visitors who sign your guestbook as well as a notification of a posting to the guestbook and the info that each user submits. You may turn either or both off, or just leave them both on. I felt that this didn't warrant a whole new version and was going to save it until I had more features to add, but people inquired about this feature enough for me to make it a seperate version just to get it out there.

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