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[ Projects ]

      Here is a list of sites that I have worked on to some extent. Use the key below to see what I have done for the individual sites. I will also explain in more detail what I have done for them in my explanation for each site. Clicking on the site title will open that particular site in a new window so you can see it for yourself.

*  -   I designed and maintain the site
*  -   I designed but do not maintain the site
*  -   I designed just the back-end*- This site is the site that I created for my band's second album. It matches the design of the album perfectly. This site is easy to navigate and it is very informative. It has many different features which keep the site interactive and more fun for visitors. This site is one that I modified a few cgi scripts for, as well as created a new program via CGI which is featured on this site.*- This is the official street team site of one of my favorite bands, Caroline's Spine. I offered to design this site and because of it, I ended up becoming Vice President of the street team and has made me known to the band. This site features a design which will make it easy to change the color scheme for future albums so that the site will match their albums. I built everything from the ground up. I set up the hosting account and set up all the mailbox accounts. I did just about everything for the site itself.

Ferguson Manor*- This site was created as a favor for a friend. Ferguson's Manor is a community service group in Philadelphia. A friend needed to have a site made and she asked me if I could help her. They wanted nothing too flashy and they needed it up quickly. This isn't among my best designs, but they needed something quickly. I wanted a calm, friendly color so I picked the one that I ended up using to try to convey the feelings that they try to share. This site has nothing in the way of a back-end and not even an E-mail address. I will probably get into touch with the director of the manor and see about designing something bigger and set something up so interested people can contact them if they would like to help them.

I am still waiting for confirmation from a few people before I post their site here and of course I will post all new jobs as I get them.

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