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Securitron is a password protection system which allows you to provide security to files in a directory that you want to keep secret. This is not a replacement for using .htaccess. .htaccess is still best because it provides server level protection. But this producti will help out those that do not know how to set .htaccess and/or wants more control over access.

You can create a seperate directory for the files that you want to protect. You would put all the Securitron program files into that directory as well as all the files you want to serve in the protected area. There is an index.htm file included with the program files and this will tell visitors that this section is protected and that they need to have an account to gain access. Then there are links to the registration form so that they may sign up.

Normally you would allow users to sign up for their own accounts and then they can login. This will help you keep track of who has been into your section by their login information. Of course if you want only particular people to get in, then you can keep the registration cgi hidden so no one can create a new account from it. Then you can go to the registration form and enter your 'friend's' E-mail address, usernames, and passwords and create their account. They will be notified by E-mail of their account info so they can login. Then your 'friends' can have access to the protected section and no one that you wouldn't want seeing certain files or information. You can run it either way.

This program can be run two ways. It is set up to create their own forms so that when users go to the cgi file, it automatically creates the registration or login forms. This is the default and it is quicker and more simple to set up. But if you want to customize the forms to match your site, you can use the HTML version of the program. The program files are the same, but this zip files includes HTML files that you will need. These files will run the same as the forms created by the script, but be sure that you have the url to the script correct in the HTML forms so they will work. If you download the HTML version, you can still run it as it is with the script generated forms, but I offer two different versions for those that will not want the HTML files included in the program files.


Non-HTML Version           Date: July 28th 2001
HTML Version           Date: July 28th 2001

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I will be working on making the secure page more 'hidden' so that users cannot bookmark the page and go directly to it. This should be coming shortly. Please mail me with any suggestions for improvement that you might have and I will see what I can do.

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