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[ Skins ]-->Winamp Skins

      These are the skins that I currently have available. I will divide them up into categories to based on what the skins are of.

      To save a winamp skin to be used: click on the download link for the skin that you want. When it asks where you want to save the file (which will be a ZIP file), browse your way to your winamp folder and save it in the skins folder of your winamp directory. DO NOT(!!!!) unzip the file! Winamp will read the skin correctly as a zip file. To change skins: click on the 'button' in the top left-hand corner of your winamp and go down to Skins. Select the particular skin that you want to use and click on it. The menu will close and your winamp will now have on the skin that you selected.

Work your way through the categories below to find skins that you might want to use.


I currently have 23 available skins, but I have yet to upload them. Please check back to see when they are available.

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